Get the most out of time tracking

The process of timesheet management in Teamleader’s CRM begins with the actual time tracking itself. As the person keeping track of invested hours, you don’t want to forget about it at the end of the day. However, you neither want the process of keeping up-to-date being time-consuming during the day itself. Efficiency is key, right? Keeping up with your time tracking asks for a simple and user-friendly solution.

Time tracking software

Teamtracker offers time tracking software and a Teamleader CRM integrated desktop app for you to keep track of your hours. It’s the perfect solution to consistently log your hours. You can easily access the app, which allows you to switch between projects quickly and reminds you to keep up with your timesheets on a daily basis. This way you won’t lose sight and give productivity a boost at the same time. The desktop software makes sure that the registered time synchronizes with Teamleader CRM, offering all the insights you need for efficient timesheet management and decision making.

Why Teamtracker?

Teamtracker is a Teamleader integration. It easily synchronizes the time tracked from the desktop app to your timesheets in the Teamleader CRM.

You can download the time tracking software app for MacOS or Windows. Work wherever you want and track time straight from your desktop.

The application includes a timer. Its easy-going start and stop function make time tracking easier than ever.

With Teamtracker you can easily switch between the different projects and tasks you are working on.

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